Rubick 90x45x90cm (LxBxH)

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1 review for Rubick 90x45x90cm (LxBxH)

  1. Faiz Bustamente

    I’ve been building paludariums for quite some time and my go-to brand has always been exoterra. I didn’t know how much I was missing until i tried Zookeeper’s line of paludarium.

    The worksmanship is flawless and what sold it for me was the raised water-level. This is one feature that is severely lacking in exo terra.

    Another thing that I love about zookeeper was the fact that I had the choice of further customisation, like the addition of extra holes to cater to my specific building needs. I also love just how clean it looks. No more unsightly black trimmings.

    I highly recommend this to anyone especially if you’re serious about building Eco-systems. At that price point, you’re getting your every penny’s worth.

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