Zookeeper Rubick Terrarium 904545

Rubick Terrarium

Rubick is an euro design glass terrarium featuring sliding glass doors, upper and lower vents. Its minimalistic design allows an optimal 360 degree viewing.


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Rubick Features

Dual Ventilation

Upper and lower ventilation keeps the front glass panels free of condensation, making it ideal for viewing. The dual ventilation system allows air circulation, creating a more natural environment for plants or livestock to thrive.


Sliding Glass Door

Dual sliding glass panels are easily removable for hardscape or planting, it allows maintenance work to be carried out more efficiently. High impact extruded polystrene tracks are durable and allows sliding to be effortless.

Drainage System

Drainage holes can be precut during production. Overflow fittings can be installed, excess water will instantly drain away to a waste water receptical for easy disposal or to a sump to be filtered and recirculated back into the terrarium.

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